FAMELAB (Talking Science) International Contest

FameLab is an international competition, during which the scientists stand in front of the audience and talk about their research passions for 3 minutes; The competition teaches how to talk in a understandable way about difficult things.

Science citizenship

Many of the participants of the contest – FameLabers – became science promoters, while being active researchers. It is a world format but you can use the idea of promoting the communication between society and scientists. The initiative comes from personnel of scientific centre – to engage the scientific world in building of aware and smart society.

Website: http://www.famelab.org.pl/index.php

Practice coordinator: FameLab is a global format – it was born at the Cheltenham Science Festival in 2004. In Poland, it is organized by the Copernicus Science Center in partnership with the British Council since 2007.

Target group: Scientists

Source of information: http://www.kopernik.org.pl/projekty-specjalne/famelab/