Data Analysis, Online Community, Crowdfunding, Knowledge Sharing by Plan A

We have built an algorithm which predicts where and how climate change will hit the hardest and based on the insights we channel capital to environmental organsiations, scientists and green startups that address the indicated issues. We have developed a platform where knowledge about the issues is shared, making it easy for people to understand how they can participate in addressing the environmental problems our planet faces. We use an actionable, positive and engaging voice.

Target group


Beneficiaries: NGOs, green startups, scientists, citizens

The age range of the beneficiaries:

    18-24 years old, 25-34 years old, 35-44 years old

Impact achieved

a. Building dialogue between research and society
We work with both scientists on the side of the algorithm development and citizens on the side of community development.

b. Co-creation of new knowledge
Events, workshops

c. Creating positive impact in society
All that we do has this aim.

d. Empower citizens to contribute by expressing their real needs and problem
All that we do has this aim.

e. Another

Number of beneficiaries who have learnt the method through the project: 10000+

Measurement tool: funding gathered, people coming to our events, size of online community

This is a Scie-Citizen Smart Practice

This project links society and science because “Climate change academy which connects businesses, individuals, NGOs, green startups and citizen.
Crowdfunding campaign
Events in Berlin – 7000 participants last year
Secret community of climate change scientists”

Participants are involved in applying the method in their community/peer group since “Climate change academy which connects businesses, individuals, NGOs, green startups and citizen.
Crowdfunding campaign
Events in Berlin – 7000 participants last year
Secret community of climate change scientists”

Achieved potential to fullfill Scie-Citizen project smart practice:

Technical table:

First time the method has been appliedOctober 2017
Times the method has been iteratedMore than 10 times
Duration of the implementation process for each application of the methodn.a.
Geographical coverage of the method: What’s the context you can apply the method?International
Is there any other organisation applying or adapting the method?No
Can you describe shortly how other organisations might adapt or have already adapted the method?The can join our network and benefit from the full infrastructure built.
In which sectors is this method applicable?Public, private, NGO and science
What are the goals you achieve with the method?Maximise positive impact for the planet by democratising knowledge and data about climate change as well as access to capital
How many scientists/researchers you need to perform the method? What is their role?3, the data analysis is impossible without them
How many non-scientists/researchers you need to perform the method? What is their role?4, the rest of the team focused on design, content creation, communication, sales
How long has it take to have first results/ effects noticeable?1 month
How would you define the process of your project?Co–creation: We are building the first network specifically focused on connecting all key stakeholders in the fight against climate change, including businesses, individuals, NGOs, green startups and scientists.
How does the documentation of the results look like?
What makes your project innovative?Our voice, design, business model
How have you promoted/do you promote your project?Yes, we do it daily on social media, our academy and to our personal networks.
What are the strengths of your project?Tech: Our algorithm gives us a unique advantage to act where and how it is needed, rather than simply channeling money from one pocket to another.
Focus: Less that 5% of projects on crowdfunding and donation platforms are related to climate change, making it particularly challenging for environmental organisations to stand out and for the fight against climate change to be effective.
Collective Action: We are building the first platform that allows collective action among businesses, individuals, green organisations and green innovators.
New Approach to Crowdfunding: By having an interactive, informative, engaging and data-driven approach, we makes giving a problem-solving act, rather than merely an act of kindness.
Transparency: The selection criteria for organisations includes financial breakdown of project expenses, track record of the organisation or business and effectiveness in addressing the issue in question, among other transparency indicators. After that, as part of the terms and conditions, they need to report every two weeks after they get the money.
What are the weaknesses of your project?Network not so well developed in CEE. Main part of network is in Western Europe.
What are the opportunities you can see for your project?Building the biggest and strongest network in the fight against climate change.
What are the threats you can see for your project?no such
Tell us a success story/anecdote related to your project7000 people at events in 2018
100,000 EUR fundraised for environmental projects in 2018
300 scientist in our network

Suggestion, recommendation, feedback?