Some of the key-points that came out at our Consortium Meeting in Bologna, in May, by Elena [School Raising].

Science and Communities.

“How to leverage on communities in order to face, adaptat and be resilient to the effect of climate change on the agricultural activities?”

This question raised in our minds once we started exploring and listening what is happening at “Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita”. This place was both hosting our meeting than inspiring our work. We met indeed Anna Romani and Nicoletta Tranquillo from Kilowatt.

Anna presented what Kilowatt is and doing, guiding us trough the space: Kilwatt is litterally the Engine of “Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita”:

Kilowatt is a coworking space and an accelerator of ideas with a high social, cultural and environmental value.

Kilowatt renovated an abandoned public space conceiving urban regeneration as an opportunity for social innovation, community organizing and social cohesion.

Nicoletta made a focus on GREAT Life, a project funded funded from the LIFE programme of the European Union.

 GREAT Life looks at the whole value chain, from crops to market test, with the aim of facing the effect of climate change on the agricultural activities of the Po Valley and raising awareness on the contribution of food consumption to adaptation and resilience.

Both projects are quite connected with communities, enabling them to codesign (build hypothesis) and live (validate them empirically) a positive imaginary. This approach bring communities to overcome the dystopian and frightening immaginaries, make collective and community-based choices, instead of an individualist ones, desire generating a better
future and a cohesive society.